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You can help now by giving to our campaign! Your donation will sustain our programs that impact the lives of people in our community.

We have big goals in 2019 for the local arts community.

Founded on the principles of accessibility and diversity, Art Room is dedicated to providing programming that educates, inspires, and supports artistic practice within the community. We are passionate about galvanizing a transformative and enriching environment for creating, sharing, and speaking about contemporary art. Through such dialogue and discovery, Art Room acts as a fundamental hub that brings together a varied range of artists and cultural opportunities. 

Help make our 1st year of programming impactful and life-changing by donating $25 or more to our campaign fund. 
Ensure that we can provide direct support to makers of all ages, focusing on enhancing the community through opportunities for underrepresented youth and adult artists. 

It doesn’t take much to make a big difference.  
These are a few ways your gift will help bring programs that foster experimentation and research through classes, workshops, exhibitions, mentorship, and professional practices.

Art Room collaborates with area schools, non-profit organizations, and local artists to create dynamic opportunities within the community for underrepresented youth and adults. Your donation will support our educational fund reaching young creatives with opportunities to participate in our programs.
  • $450 directly funds one high school student for an entire semester in our EMERGE Young Artists program. The EMERGE Young Artists Program focuses on the foundations of art through art making, workshops, critiques, gallery & museum field trips, and lectures. The program also includes an in-depth look at best practices to sustaining a career as a creative maker. 
  • $100 will provide access and resources for one of many students to participate in our CLASSROOM COLLABORATION program. Classroom Collaboration fosters a partnership between Art Room and Fort Worth area middle school students and art teachers. The program implements an educational structure that brings studio practice and art-making directly into the classroom.

Artists are extraordinary and deserve the best! Your contribution will ensure our programming inspires the local community through exhibitions, lectures, performances, and immersive experiences that connect audiences to a diverse culture of artistic practice. 
  • $1000 will help us compensate exhibiting artists through our stipend fund for all of their creative work that enlivens our exhibitions and education programs. We are committed to nurturing and supporting local, regional, and national emerging and mid-career artists and curators.

Your help in reaching our goal will provide our community of artists support through our many events hosted at the Art Room Annex and gallery space, as well as through interviews with artists and curators, and publications. 
  • $250 helps us supply and connect makers to the Art Room Annex workspace providing innovative learning, invaluable professional development, discovery, and networking opportunities.  

We realize that we can’t provide support and resources for every inspiring artist. But, with your gift, we can ensure that more underrepresented youth and adults have access and opportunities to make, discuss, and share contemporary art. Donate today and invest in the power of art to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and SUPPORT a diverse community.

A few simple ways you can support access to the visual arts for underrepresented youth and adult multi-generational makers.
  1. Make a small tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more by clicking the donate button to the right. 
  2. Create your own fundraising campaign to help us reach our goal by clicking the blue "Fundraise With Us" button. Here is a guide for fundraising, and for social media.
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About Art Room:
A non-profit organization located in the Near Southside, Fort Worth, TX, Art Room provides direct support to makers of all ages, focusing on enhancing the community through opportunities for underrepresented youth and adult artists. Our programs foster experimentation and research through classes, workshops, exhibitions, mentorship, professional practices, and more. 

For questions or more information about this campaign, please visit Art Room's website or contact Nathan Madrid, Executive Director at
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generous support! 

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